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guitar,tuner and bayonet for sale

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guitar,tuner and bayonet for sale

Postby arry » Fri Apr 15, 2011 1:29 pm

hello,i am selling one of my guitars,a digital tuner foot pedal and yes,a bayonet!
the guitar is a Viriax digital thingy that simulates quite well different types of guitars,les paul,strats,teles,acoustic and 12 string amongst others. how it makes an accoustic sound through an electric guitar solid body is a mystery but it does,ideal for home or studio recording,however,it has a manufacturers fault where as every so often it cuts off and is "fixed" by pulling out the lead then re-inserting,they were around £400 when first out,selling for £100.
The tuner is a Behringer digital guitar tuner for £10,i prefere to see a moving needle than flashing lights.
The bayonet i am reluctantly selling due to skintness is a wilkinson 1917 model and probably used by the sherwood foresters regiment last time i checked. One on ebay for £150,selling for £100,no offers on this one though,its normally parked at the side of the bed to greet trespassers but i'll buy an hammer and spend the difference on baked beans.
Why not buy all 3. Stick the bayonet on the end of the guitar then join a band,if you catch any one asleep at a gig just give em a gentle poke,failing that,throw the tuner at 'em!
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