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Anyone else from Welbeck?

Do you remember....? Join in discussions of Warsop and its local history, and share your memories of the good times from the past with other locals.
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Anyone else from Welbeck?

Postby Gordon » Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:35 pm

Hi, just found this website today and thoroughly enjoyed reading some of the forum threads, but I was a little disappointed to find next to nothing about Welbeck, as it was when I grew up there, or Meden Vale as it is now.
One thing I remember which was destined to have a big effect on my life was going to the Methodist Sunday School in the village. We used to sing to the accompaniment of a wheezy old harmonium (one of those old organs which you pumped with your feet on two pedals). One week the organist was away and someone remembered that I used to have piano lessons so I ended up playing the thing. To cut a long story short it led to a love of the organ and I graduated onto a proper pipe organ at my wife-to-be's chapel in Huthwaite. I'm now organist at Blidworth and Rainworth churches.
Back to those early days, there was also an Anglican church in Welbeck, St Hilda's, which was a chapel-of-ease to Warsop Parish Church. St Hilda's has long since disappeared, but I remember every Ascension Day we would march two by two from school up there for the service, and one of our teachers, Mrs Trinder, would play the organ for us.
Does anyone have any memories of St Hilda's?
Incidentally my piano teacher was Mrs Morgan who moved from Welbeck with her husband and daughter Gwynneth to live on Burns Lane, but I wouldn't practise so never made much progress, until I was bitten by the organ bug and taught myself.
As a lad I was also a member of the 2nd Warsop Cubs at the chapel on Clumber Street although I never made it up to the Scouts, but Skip Meredith (already mentioned earlier in this thread) and Mr Lightfoot ran the Cub pack. Mr Lightfoot was a teacher at Warsop Secondary School but I never went there because I passed my 11-plus (or Scholarship as we used to call it) and went to Queen Elizabeth's. That, incidentally, was where I became friends with Johnny Habgood who was the son of the then Rector of Warsop, and although Methodist I was a regular visitor to the old and subsequently demolished rectory on that former dangerous corner at the foot of Cuckney Hill. Tragically Johnny was killed in a helicopter crash having joined the Fleet Air Arm.
Just a few memories to be going on with but I will be interested to see whether they spark any reaction from anyone.
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