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Co-op Milk Round.1963-1970

Do you remember....? Join in discussions of Warsop and its local history, and share your memories of the good times from the past with other locals.
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Re: Co-op Milk Round.1963-1970

Postby dalenorris » Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:10 pm

Well, that is amazing. Going all the way back to Sycamore street, your Maureen and Marylyn. I more or less went through to 14, with Colin in my classes. As like a lot of life, you get split up, and life goes on. Derek, has been in my life for a long time, in fact he came over here with his wife, just before she died...lovely girl Carole. I always try and meet up, on the few times I come over. My mum, is still toddling on, and is 91 in June. She stays in Worcester, not far from Shirley my sister. She's in good health, although a little frail. But still has her lovely sense of humour. Was reading a blog, by your Marylyn, on a site somewhere. But there was no contact number ect, so I 'copied' a few photo's, but if you could point her my way. it would be nice. I know she was a big friend with our Shirley through childhood. My email is dalenorris@telkomsa.net
Speak soon, Dale.
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Re: Co-op Milk Round.1963-1970

Postby PeterMWade » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:17 pm

Hi Dale regarding Co-op milk round . I have spoken to Alan Bower in last few months he lives in Warsop.my brother Michael lives in Mansfield ( don't know if he worked there after you? And my uncle Bill who passed away in a few years ago.
Nice to hear from you and all your memories of Warsop
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