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Vandalism: please help

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:03 am
by carigada
Warsop dentists, Hall and Purchase are suffering increasing numbers of incidents of vandalism in recent months.

Broken windows, stone gatepost damaged, signs being damaged, etc. The latest this week is another broken window on the front of the building, which happened at about 6.25pm on Tuesday 12/09/17.

This latest incident was witnessed by a member of the public and the descriptions of the offenders were passed on to us. There were two, a girl with shoulder-length blonde hair and a pale top, and a lad with brown hair wearing a black tracksuit top, possibly with a white stripe down the sleeve. Both roughly 15 years old. Unfortunately, there seems to be a group of local teenagers who think it funny or clever to target the building when it's empty.

Please could people just have a glance at the building when they are passing by and report any suspicious behaviour to the Police.