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Crime Prevention - Scam calls!

Make others aware of local thefts, anti-social behaviour issues or other problems that may arise that you think the Warsop community should be aware of.
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Crime Prevention - Scam calls!

Postby Caz » Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:13 pm

Here's a new one! Just had a call from someone from CPR, Crime Prevention (Response?). They deal with crime prevention and are checking that people are safe in their homes and are protected from theft ect. I immediatesly thought they were connected with the police as I had reported a theft in the past year, so I was happy to speak with them.

Then he said they noted that nobody in our area has an alarm (oh yes they do! Almost every house has one). That immediately rang alarm bells with me!

I stopped him there and asked which division or force they were from. He said " We're not actually the police, we're crime prevention!" - Well isn't that a police job then?

He went on to say they were installing alarms worth £1,000 to four properties in my area.....

I asked where he'd got my number from and he said from a database. I said had the checked it for people who are on the TPS, because I am. So phoning me is breaking the law. He said no, it's not actually breaking the law. I said I beg to differ and could I have his phone number please. He hung up! :roll:

I did a 1471 but the caller hadn't left their number. Surprise!
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Re: Crime Prevention - Scam calls!

Postby Sallyann » Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:31 pm

We had one of those calls yesterday evening offering us a free alarm with an installation cost of £199.Andrew cut him off mid conversation,sounded a bit fishy really :roll:
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