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Is Warsop Parish Council effective?

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Is Warsop Parish Council effective?

Not Effective
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Re: Is Warsop Parish Council effective?

Postby Warsop Person » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:52 pm

Adrian Hardy wrote:it looks like it got a bit exciting at the PC according to the minutes of the February meeting

The Chairman closed the meeting to allow:
PUBLIC PARTICIPATION - The matter of the parking issues with Mr. Downie and Mr. Darch were raised again. Mr. Downie was angry with frustration and shouted at the Councillors present saying they were doing nothing.

8913. MATTERS ARISING PP – The Chairman took exception to Mr. Downie’s outburst and firmly told him that the PC are trying to do the best that they can without having any powers to resolve the issue. The Clerk is to invite NCC Highways, MDC Traffic Enforcement, Police including Insp M. Webster and Alan Meale MP to the next meeting to see if there are any solutions to end this feud. It was suggested that Mr. Downie see Alan Meale MP at his surgery on Sat 15th March in the Town Hall. Cllr. Wetton added that the Traffic Enforcement Officer has been out every day last week

The parking issue will never be resolved until the people that work in Warsop stop occupying the majority of the car parks all day, the only way to discurrage this is pay and display.

These people also need to realise that it is the responsibility of the District Council and the Parish are powerless to act, all they can do is request just like anyone else.
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