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Benefit Culture

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Benefit Culture

Postby BorisTechMark2 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:31 pm

There is a great debate going on in this country at the moment about the Benefit Culture that appears to exist.

Looking back I can remember that my Mother never received any child benefit until I was born as I was the second child born, the Government just did not pay any child benefit or Family Allowance as it was known for the first child, so for 4 years she didn’t receive anything. When I was born I think she started to get 75 pence a week or whatever it was in old money. The family lived off my Fathers wage until my Mother returned to Nursing when I started Infants School. Now of course Child benefit is paid for every child, I wonder what the political fallout will be if they returned to the system used back in the sixties?
I believe benefits are like an insurance policy whilst you are able to work you pay into them by paying tax and National insurance and then when you need to claim either Unemployment or sick benefit you are able to do so. It’s when people abuse the system and work it to their own advantage that problems occur.
When I returned from 6 months in Australia in the early eighties I was faced with unemployment as it was around 3 million and I was sent on a Youth Opportunity Scheme, whereby I worked for a firm and got paid £25 a week from the government. I was lucky I was placed in the office of British Rail at their Engineering works at Warsop Station and was treated very well. The Permanent Way Engineer who was responsible for rail track from High Marnham to Shirebrook often took me out with him when he went to inspect the rail track; the Timekeeper was a very fatherly chap who gave me certain jobs to do in the office including making the tea. I had to be paid from the rail headquarters at Sheaf House in Sheffield. So they actually gave me Friday off to go up there and gave me bus and rail passes to travel. I learned a great deal about work whilst being there especially from the Chief Engineer who taught me a lot about how to have the right approach to work and I enjoyed my time there before getting a job in Nottingham

We seem to have too many benefits now days and I agree if you are getting £2 to £300 or more a week tax free t in benefits then it is a very easy option to take instead of working.

We must be careful though not to tar everyone with the same brush and ensure there are jobs available that have a liveable wage and that people with disabilities and handicaps are supported to be able to work. No matter how many jobs there are or how you try and clapped down on benefit cheats there will always be those who refuse to work.

I was brought up and educated in a different era, one that had certain values which were drummed into me sadly these appear to be non-existent in the political correct nanny state with live in today .
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Re: Benefit Culture

Postby BigAl » Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:23 am

Well said boringstech

At last a bit of common sense from you :D

Nearly fell off my chair in shock :lol: :lol: but i actually agree with what you have said
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