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Hussar introduces himself

Come and say hello! If you’re a new member on the Warsop Web Forum, introduce yourself to other forum members and join in all the fun.
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Hussar introduces himself

Postby Hussar_303 » Fri May 31, 2019 10:09 am

Hello everyone,

I've registered here because I'll live in the region from July to December of this year as I'm researching languages and have been assigned there to do some research about dialects and accents in central and northern England. And because of that, I figured I should get acquainted with the community first!
So, hi Warsop, I'm Matvey, I've got a Ph.D in linguistics from Moscow State University, and I'll spend a semester in Warsop or in one of the neigbouring towns. Don't worry, I'm not a spy or anything, I'm not interested in your military bases or whatever, just in the one of your neighbours who has the thickest, most ridiculous accent you can think of :lol:
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