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Posting Your E-mail Address

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 4:40 pm
by Gazzer
We would like members to be aware of the following when posting your E-mail address to be contacted online.

The site, due to its popularity is spidered by search engines on a daily basis.
Whilst being searched and indexed by the search engines is good for us, the harvesting of your email address's in the same way is not. This basically means that your email address can be used by companies to send you what is know as Spam or Junk Mail.

The forum has several ways in which members can contact each other, either by PM or by Email. You may email any member who has elected to be contacted in this way by clicking the email button in their profile. This will bring up an email box that allows you to contact the member in the securest way possible. Of course you can use the PM system in much the same way.

So whilst we have no objection in you posting your email address, we strongly advise against it.

Please also be assured that your email address's are stored in a very secure way and if the above is followed, there will be no reason for anyone to receive unwanted email sourced from this forum.