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Looking for an answer? Here you will find the most frequently asked website/forum questions and information for new users or those thinking of joining.
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Postby Gazzer » Thu May 06, 2010 4:29 pm

What are Avatars?

Avatars are small pictures which you can have next to your posts and in your profile and are used to help identify someone on the forum or indeed just for fun.

Changing your Avatar

Once logged in, go to your User Control Panel where you will see a section titled Profile.
Within this list you will see a link headed Edit Avatar Settings. From here you will be able to either select an Avatar from our online gallery, or you may choose to upload your own Avatar from your computer.

Linking to an Avatar

You also have the ability to link to an external site but we strongly discourage this unless it’s your own web space. Linking in this way can cause other sites to contact us for leeching their bandwidth which will cost the linked site money.
Certain homepages will not allow you to do this; Geocities for example can restrict hot linking, as indeed we do.

Usage of Avatars

When choosing an Avatar we recommend you choose one that is fitting to your circumstances as per Forum Rules & Regulations.
We reserve the right to remove Avatars if our policy is not adhered to.
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