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Website Support Team Contact Information

Looking for an answer? Here you will find the most frequently asked website/forum questions and information for new users or those thinking of joining.
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Website Support Team Contact Information

Postby Gazzer » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:01 pm

For all general enquiries, e-mail: admin@warsopweb.co.uk

Alternatively, if you are already a member of our Community Forum, you may wish to contact a member of our team:

Moderator Team
The Moderator Team are those who help keep our forums free from inappropriate material. They constantly oversee and manage the content on the forum for a safer online experience.

You may contact a member of the Moderator Team at any time:
- Tomas Drouty (Moderator Team Leader) send a message to Tomas Drouty here
- whitevanman (Moderator Team Member) send a message to whitevanman here

Support & Development Team
The Support & Development Team's task is to provide support to members who are experiencing any difficulty with any aspects of the forum, and to ensure that the Warsop Web forum is kept online 24/7 with the latest updates and applications. Other duties also include those of the Moderator Team.

You may contact a member of the Support & Development Team at any time:
- Gazzer (Support & Development Team Leader) send a message to Gazzer here
- magic (Support & Development Team Member) send a message to magic here

Website Management
The Website Manager oversees the running of the whole of Warsop Web.

You may contact the Website Manager at anytime:
- Caz (Website Manager) send a message to Caz here
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Support & Development Team Leader
Support & Development Team Leader
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