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Wonder how many will sign this

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:02 am
by BigAl
In the Spring of 2017, a proposal will be debated on the possibility of offering 'personal associate EU citizenship' to individuals from former member states. The idea is that if Britain, or any other nation, exits the EU, individual citizens of that country who wished to retain a personal right to live and work across the EU should be able to do so - maybe or maybe not paying a fee for this status.

This proposal will be debated when the European Parliament (EP), whose role is to represent the voice of European citizens, is given an opportunity to discuss and adopt a resolution on the Brexit agreement. The proposal will be supported by Charles Goerens, Member of the EP (Luxembourg) and Guy Verhofstadt (Belgium), the European Parliament’s lead negotiator in Brexit talks, both members of the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

The Pan-European is a new association that supports this proposal - not just in the name of the 16 million Britons who voted to remain EU citizens and the 1.3 million Britons already living and working in the EU ( many of whom were denied the right to vote under the UK electoral law), but in the name of all people who want to express their support for and belief in the European project at a time when it is threatened by the rise of nationalist parties in many member countries.

The Pan-European's objective is to represent, inform and connect individual European citizens irrespective of their nationality or the political position of their country's government, starting with the fight to create the separate legal status of individual EU citizen for all who wish it.

By signing this petition, you will be signaling your opinion to Mr Goerens and Mr Verhofstadt, both advocates in the European Parliament of the associate EU citizen status. ... reason_msg