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Ambulance call outs to Sports Direct

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Re: Ambulance call outs to Sports Direct

Postby Cheshire Cat » Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:43 pm

Clearly Dennis Skinner is wrong. I'll never believe anything he says ever again. :D
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Re: Ambulance call outs to Sports Direct

Postby Westmorland » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:00 pm

I suppose we the consumer must take some of the blame for the issues that exist in the major distribution centers, we order on line and want it delivered by the next day, so this requires discipline and commitment within these distribution centers, as if orders are not met and delivered then consumers will go elsewhere.

During busy periods especially up to Christmas this becomes more intense , so more staff are taken on via agencies to fill this stop gap and if staff are off ill then obviously this effects the order process an puts more stress on other staff

Its a vicious circle but the consumer must take some of this blame, we want goods at the cheapest possible price delivered in the quickest time
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Re: Ambulance call outs to Sports Direct

Postby Caz » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:51 pm

Yes, that's true and only the businesses that meet customer demands will survive.

Life has changed and business changes with it, although employment practise has improved vastly over the past few decades. I can't imagine what it was like working down the pits and in factories etc when the last generation were of working age. They'd think all their birthdays had come at once if they were working now.

Some people just like to moan about anything and nothing but if the country is to survive financially, we need to put some effort into working, rather than expecting to be paid for shirking. Good times only come from hard work!
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